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The College of the Extended University Cal Poly, Pomona

Plastics Engineering Technology Certificate Program

Saturday, February 11 and February 18, 2017   -   Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Plastics Theory and Practice



Plastics Theory and Practice is part of an ongoing certificate program offered by the College of the

Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona. The four-course program provides practical instruction applicable

to materials, processing, product design and tooling.


Why should you attend?

This short course is designed for professionals entering the field of plastics desiring to acquire the basic

knowledge of Plastics industry in general. Plastics Theory and Practice is also suitable for individuals

in plastics sales, purchasing, marketing and management positions that do not possess a technical,

engineering or scientific background. This course should also be valuable for technical, scientific and

engineering personnel, either entering the field of plastics or interest-ed in broadening their knowledge

of materials and processing techniques. The objective of the course is to expose partic-ipants to the basics

and point them in right direction so that they can obtain more information through websites, books

and periodicals to further enhance their career. The PowerPoint presentation used in the course is

descriptive and practical and presented in simple, easy to understand language without being extremely

detailed or technical. It is widely illustrated with animations, diagrams and photographs.


Who should attend?

Sales and marketing personnel, engineers, product and tool designers, purchasing managers, plant

managers, tool makers, molding supervisors, quality assurance personnel and anyone who wants to

acquire basic knowledge of plastics in general and/or take a refresher course on the subject.



Polymer structure properties and applications Processing techniques

Plastics terminology Plastics tooling, Plastics processes

Product design basics Assembly and secondary operations

Material selection process Decorating and printing

Testing and failure analysis Interpreting data sheets

Plastics industry standards Plastics identification

Plastics recycling


In addition, students will receive a variety of useful handouts showing How and Where to get more

detailed information concerning a variety of plastics-related topics.























For more information call: College of the Extended University 909-869-2288 or

Instructor 909-465-6699

Comments Provided by Students

• Great course, very instructional…love the PowerPoint notes

• The instructor uses examples that are relevant to my industry/field

• The overall explanation of the basics of Plastics was very clear and concise, explained in plain English

 without having to use big and sophisticated words to explain theory or function

• The course’s major strength was instructor’s ability to relate to real life experience

• Very Practical – I highly recommend to anyone new to plastics industry

• Hand-outs are great, I refer to them on regular basis


For more information, call:   College of the Extended University    909-869-2288

Or Instructor: Vishu Shah   909-465-6699




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