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Whether you’re a plastics scientist or engineer, a business owner, marketing/sales expert, or any other professional in plastics, SPE membership can help you advance your knowledge and your career. The information you need to increase efficiency and productivity, develop your career, and add to your company’s bottom line is literally right at your fingertips.

The Society of Plastics Engineers is home to nearly 20,000 plastics professionals in more than 70 countries around the world. SPE is the “go to” resource for plastics technical information.

Six Key Insights

  • Plastics InSight – A customized to your need Weekly Newsletter
  • SPE Material database – Access “Tons” of material in the world of Plastics
  • Registration Discounts – on over 4o conferences and local meetings and events
  • Plastics Engineering Magazine – Free subscription to leading
  • SPE Online Technical Library
  • The Chain – Where Plastics Professional connect and get answers

Universal Selector

SPE members get full access to SpecialChem’s Universal Selector database of plastics and additives, which includes 125,000 datasheets.

SPE and SpecialChem

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and SpecialChem has announced a partnership that will offer SPE members full access to SpecialChem’s Universal Selector database of plastics and additives.

Access to the Universal Selector, which includes 125,000 datasheets, is now available.

The partnership will greatly benefit SPE members according to Wim DeVos, CEO of SPE. “This new Materials Database resource we are offering with SpecialChem is an exciting match for SPE, enriching the value we offer our members,” said Mr. DeVos. “Whether they are looking for materials with specific properties or searching for alternatives or even technical solutions, our engineers and purchasers will find this tool a very valuable asset.”

“This strategic partnership with SPE is completely aligned with our corporate mission to help engineers faster select the products they need by giving them access to all products in the world and the knowledge to select them,” said Christophe Cabarry, founder and CEO at SpecialChem. “Our Universal Selector proposes 10 dimensions of search including the ‘new’ property search. We constantly strive to standardize the heterogeneous ways suppliers publish product data and to add new products as soon as they are launched, which has proven to be valuable for both formulators and engineers.”

SPE and SpecialChem will cross-promote the partnership at conferences and through digital and social media. For detailed information on this program for SPE members and special offers for new members, please visit